Best Deal for Buy and Lease BG/SBLC
We are a Finance industry professionals with over 15 Years Experience and a focus on providing Bank Guarantee (BG),

Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC), MTN (Mid Term Note), LTN (Long Term Note), Monetization and Non Recourse Funding from

some of the World Top 25 Prime Banks primarily from Barclays, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, Credit Suisse e.t.c.


Bank Guarantees & SBLC’s in Standard Formats from Major Banks!
Amounts from $5 million to 5 Billion+
Euro’s or US Dollars
Great Attorney Trust Account Protection
Delivered via MT760 Swift with Full Bank Responsibility
MT799 preadvice included
Brokers Always Protected

Purchase Instruments of BG/SBLC : 34%+2% Min Face Value = EUR/USD 1M
Leased Instruments: : 4%+2% Min Face Value = EUR/USD 1M

Interested Agents/Brokers, Investors and Individual should contact us for directives.If you

Name:Richardson McAnthony
Contact Mail : [email protected]

Българово, +447045773880

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